Change in the composition of the board of Sjaki-Tari-Us 07 May 2021

Dear reader,

The board of Sjaki-Tari-Us would like to inform you of the following. The composition of the current board has undergone a change as of May 7, 2021. The board that took office in mid-2019 has made the Sjaki-Tari-Us foundation more viable. There is a multi-year policy plan, the finances are in order and transparent, projects have been initiated and started up in Bali, fundraising is now being handled professionally and education has also shown progress at both locations.

The board felt that it was now time for a new board that will further expand the current base. The further professionalization of education and strengthening the position of our teachers in Bali, ensuring a continuous flow of income and further anchoring Sjaki-Tari-Us in the Balinese community are spearheads. The current activities have now been transferred to the new board.
With this letter we hope to have informed you sufficiently about the change in the board of the Sjaki-Tari-Us foundation.

Partly thanks to your support, Sjaki-Tari-Us has been able to make a successful restart. Your support for the future is still very welcome. We hope that, if possible, you will continue your support from the past years.

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