Food package donation campaign

Why are we doing this?

Bali also has to deal with the Corona crises. There are few tourists left and Bali is very dependent on the tourist industry. Almost 95% of the Balinese work more or less in the tourist industry. Now that it is closed with corona and all tourist facilities, this has a direct impact on the income of the Balinese.

If you have no work in Bali, you no longer have any income. This has happened to a lot of Balinese with the implementation of the corona measures. Tourists have left and guesthouses, restaurants, shops are closed, no more turnover, no income. At best, salaries of affected Balinese people were cut by 25%, 50% and some by 75%. But the majority were able to stay at home without receiving a salary.

This is also the majority of our children’s parents just happen to get 0.00 income from one day to the next. From that moment on they are completely dependent on family, friends, neighbors and community. Sjaki was very concerned about this and spontaneously started food parcels campaign. Through social media this led to a lot of donations, which allowed us to organize several rounds. Sjaki intends to continue with this until the corona crises are over and normal life starts again.

We cannot do this only together with the Us from Sjaki-Tari-Us we can do this. Hence, our appeal to everyone who cares about Sjaki and wants to support us in this food package action. One round is 132 food packages (80 for Lodtunduh and 52 for Singaraja) for Shaki parents and teachers. Converted into money that is:
19,200,000 Rp, €1,197.83 and $1,312.00.

You can determine the amount of your donation using the Donate button.

Food package

The food package consists of 10 kg of rice, 1 liter of oil, 7 eggs and 1 kg of sugar. 1 package costs 150,000 rupiah converted in euro approximately €9.00, in gbp £8.15 in dollar $10.25.