Board in Holland

Because of the enormous amount of work, such as fund-raising, improving the projects on Bali, selecting volunteers and maintaining the website, we have chosen to work with a structure within the foundation that consist of an executive board and a general board.

The executive board will meet every two weeks and the general board will have a meeting twice a year. The members of the executive board contribute by promoting the foundation in their own networks and, where necessary, support and/or fundraise. The board maintains contact by email or phone.

Chairman: Peter van der Sande (contact +31 6 18301485)
Vice chairman: Martin Savans
Paymaster: Hans van Beek
PR, Digital Marketing World: Jos Struik
PR, Digitale Marketing Bali, Fundraising: Casey van Harte (contact +31 6 53832207)
Educational Responsible: Truus Hermkens
Educational Resonsible: Job Kaihatu

Peter van der Sande
Gooland 9
2631 CP Nootdorp
Email :
Phone : +31 6 18301485