Board in Holland

The board of Sjaki-Tari-Us consists of 3 persons. They take care of activities such as fundraising, financial management, managing projects on Bali, selecting volunteers and maintaining the website.

Foundation Sjaki-Tari-Us has a board which is primarily engaged in fundraising. The board consists of three members who play the role of chairman, treasurer and fundraiser. The board meets 3-monthly. All members of the board contribute by systematically promoting the Sjaki-Tari-Us Foundation and using their networks where possible for substantive support and/or fundraising. Educationally the foundation is supported by Agaath Hoeksema and Paul Gervais. Sjaki-Tari-Us also works with numerous ambassadors who will voluntarily promote and support Sjaki in any way they can. We find these ambassadors in the Netherlands, Germany and Bali.

Agaath Hoeksema – President
Jos Struik – Treasurer and Fundraiser
Remko Vochteloo – Fundraiser national and international

Owner and also Operations Manager on Bali, Casey van Harte has chosen to live on Bali to ensure that direct management of projects and fundraising is present on Bali.