Sjaki's Shop

You can find Sjaki’s shop in our foundation in Lodtunduh, near Ubud. The products that our teenagers make during their creative classes will be sold in our shop. You can think of special bracelets with a Sjaki lock, paintings, photo frames, offerings and much more. Also the parents of our children make a lot of different products, such as woodcarving, on behalf of the foundation. This also shows the involvement of the parents.

school 1-18

Besides the products of the teenagers and the parents you can also find Sjaki’s birthday calendars which are really great gifts for your friends! Furthermore we sell books, in different languages, which can be bought or traded. Perfect for people who are travelling for a longer period. We also have Sjaki’s merchandise such as mugs, T-shirts and silver charms with the logo of Sjaki-Tari-Us. When you want more information on how to order some of these products to your home adress, you can contact us by email.